TOM ABBISS SMITH: Natural Organic Forms / by unhype gallery

Self Made

Self Made

TOM ABBISS SMITH is an Illustration graduate from Norwich University Of The Arts, currently living in Norwich, UK.

Here's a short interview we did with him:

UHG: Tell us about yourself? 

TAS: I am an Illustration graduate from Norwich University of the Arts who is an image maker interested in surface pattern/textile design and printmaking.

UHG: Where are you located?

TAS: I'm currently located in Norwich, UK.

UHG: Tell us about your artwork

TAS: My artwork consists mainly of abstract compositions exploring shape, colour, and texture in experimental methods. In all honesty, I'm not sure what it's all about, however, natural organic forms are a reoccurring theme in my piece, so I'd say that's the number one inspiration there. I occasionally make illustrative works as well, usually random things for the hell of it, but ultimately it's all about having fun!

UHG: What's your process for making your artwork?

TAS: I always start traditionally with my work. I like to experiment with various art materials to create my textures and patterns and then cut and tear paper for the shapes. Once I've got all of this done I scan it in and play about on Photoshop until I've got an outcome ready to be uploaded!

UHG: Why do you make art? What's your motivation/inspiration?

TAS: There's nothing more satisfying than being productive and actually creating something you're proud of. That's what keeps me going I think. All of my interests such as skating, nature, music, etc. connect to creativity and help me maintain my identity.

UHG: What challenges do you face in pursuing your art?

TAS: The challenge I face with my work is knowing that it's okay to chill sometimes. I feel guilty if I'm not doing something creative in my free time, and sometimes it can give me a fat headache!

UHG: What are your working on at the moment?

TAS: I'm currently just working on my own stuff whilst waiting for any creative opportunities to arise. I have my first solo exhibition at the Playhouse Bar in the city soon, so I'm concentrating mainly on that whilst working on some collaborations with different artists I follow. 

UHG: How do you describe your studio/working environment?

TAS: Right now it's in my small living room on a wonky table, whilst destroying the bathtub with ink and spray paint when I need to get a bit messy!

UHG: Any projects you would like to do in the future?

TAS: I'd love to get involved with more fashion orientated projects as I think this is the industry my work fits into best. A textiles MA is a possibility in the future, but I'm still unsure for now.

UHG: Any favorite artists?

TAS: There are too many great artists/studios out there, but some favourites are the great Matisse, Atelier Bingo, Nous Vous, Antti Kekki, Charlie Coatney, Bilos and Sarah Fennell.

UHG: Any advice for young artists? or what's the best advice ever given to you?

TAS: My advice would be to stay true to what you're actually interested in doing and believe in your work, don't undersell yourself either because that's not fair on the culture.

More of Tom Abbiss Smith's work on his website and Instagram @tomabbisssmithart